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Patient Responsibility

Status: Inactive     

This position requires and provides an exceptional level of customer service. This position is the first point of contact for all incoming calls and requires a positive attitude, the ability to attend to any visitors, and deal with inquiries on the phone as well as face to face. You will supply information regarding the organization to the general public, clients, and patients.  Placing outbound calls for collections of required payments for client contractual obligations, review patient accounts for payments due clients and be able to explain the reasoning behind amounts due on calls when needed. Overall, this position will navigate the entire revenue cycle process at times to help bring a patient up to speed on their account.

Receipt and Payment Posting

Status: Inactive

Performs all receipt/payment posting duties and is responsible for entering data electronically for payments, denials and adjustments.  This position reconciles account activity and prepares daily and monthly deposits, reports, and totals for Clients. All duties are performed under the supervision of Receipt/Payment Posting Manager/Supervisor. This department also encompasses our Refunds area which works on credit balances, processes refunds, and overpayments. 

Insurance Follow-Up

Status: Inactive

Work all assigned functions of the billing process for assigned specialty or Client. Monitor and collect A/R for assigned clinics. Provide exceptional customer service, medical billing auditing, and teamwork to those around you. Also responsible for communicating with Clients and Insurance Audit Manager on updates.  Managing the denial process and working the denied claims to the full extent for the Client per contract. The goal of this position is to bring full closure to each and every claim as outlined by the departmental and company guidelines.

Charge Entry

Status Inactive

This position is responsible for submitting all insurance/billing clerical duties and for entering data electronically to process charges, some payments, denials and adjustments or by paper depending on the Client obligations as agreed upon. It resolves routine charge inquiries and problems along with re-bills if needed. 

Provider Enrollment

Status: Inactive

This position is responsible for the enrollment and upkeep for new and existing Clients.  They work closely with all department managers and leadership helping the physician and their practice obtain and maintain the complete enrollment process for new providers or existing providers.

CPC Coding 

Status Inactive

This position is responsible for ensuring the quality of Medical Billing Coding on submitted medical claims.  It is also responsible for conducting requested/contracted chart audits for accurate documentation and meeting with physicians and reviewing any trends or adjustments needed.  At times it could include diagnostic coding and insurance audition as a whole for Client needs. This position requires a CPC certification. (preferably through AAPC)

Benefits for Full-Time Team Member Openings

All Full-Time Team Members Are Eligible After Waiting Period

Benefits for Part-Time Team Member Openings

All Part-Time Team Members Are Eligible:

Paid Holidays: 7-four hour days per calendar year depending on the hours worked weekly.

  • Healthcare Plan: Legacy pays a portion of employee coverage cost

    • FSA or HSA eligible

  • Dental Plan: Legacy pays a portion of employee coverage cost

  • Vision Plan

  • PTO: accrual tiers depending on tenure with Legacy

  • Voluntary Life Insurance

  • Voluntary Short Term Disability

  • Accidental Insurance Policy

  • Critical Illness Policy

  • Paid Holidays: 7-eight hour days per calendar year depending on work schedule

  • Dependent Care Account

  • Simple IRA Retirement Plan 

FAQ for Prospective Candidates

What type of medical billing does Legacy do? 
   A. Physician billing of all specialties within the state of Oklahoma. Examples are; Obstetrics, Cardiology, Pain Management, Anesthesia, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Urology, Podiatry, Oncology, and Internal Medicine just to list a few.  
Is Legacy a locally owned company?
   A. Yes, it is a locally owned company and plans to stay that way.
Does Legacy employ Certified Professional Coders?
   A. Yes, Legacy has AAPC Certified Coders on staff.
Does Legacy require in-office work or remote? 
   A. For the most part; Legacy recognizes the value of in-office work for the majority of staffing needs which allows the fostering of teamwork, collaboration, and the best environment conducive for communication which is a key factor in providing the quality service our physicians and their staff deserve!
What is full-time work and what is part-time work considered with Legacy?
   A. Legacy considers agreeing to work 30 or more hours per work week as full-time. This must be agreed upon on a continual basis for a stability period to be measurable for eligibility of benefits and a schedule created for client accountability. Legacy considers agreeing to work 29 hours and below per work week as part-time. This must be agreed upon on a continual basis and a schedule created for client accountability. Legacy has a proven track record of valuing each team member for their unique talent and perspective that they bring to the company. Legacy understands the demanding challenges we are all facing in today's changing landscape and is always willing to look at the most reasonable flexibilities when the work permits. They truly value the work life balance for all!


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